About Lacoste Products

Product requirements

LACOSTE pledges to design products that combine innovation, elegance and quality.

Careful selection of fibre

As a specialist in knitwear, Lacoste has singular expertise in the selection of fibres used in the manufacture of Lacoste products. Fibres, and notably the cotton used in Lacoste polos meet the highest quality standards. Lacoste also ensures that the cotton used in its products comes from sources that ensure respect for human rights.

LACOSTE, member of AFIRM

Lacoste is a member of AFIRM, a working group comprising several global brands committed to respecting the controlled use of chemical substances indispensable for the manufacture of clothes, leather goods and shoes.

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Lacoste supports the Responsible Sourcing Network

LACOSTE supports the Cotton Pledge campaign launched by the Responsible Sourcing Network, which fights against forced labor and child labor in cotton fields.

Expertise in the field of dyeing

LACOSTE possesses considerable expertise in dyeing with nearly 2,000 tonnes of material dyed every year at its workshop in Troyes.

This expertise has led Lacoste to elaborate strict specifications regarding chemical substances, based on respect of the tightest regulations in the world. The Lacoste dyeing plant is also a centre for research and development at the service of ecological innovation.

On the tennis court as in life and in any activity, the drive for improvement is the best guarantee of pure pleasure ...

By René Lacoste

(Grasset Publishing, 1928)

Chamaille, the story of a thread

In 2013, faithful to its values of innovation, Lacoste launched CHAMAILLE. Chamaille is a three-year industrial research project dedicated to the creation of an ecological-based thread of French origin to be used in the manufacture of woven hemp products.

Because of its innovative character, the project is supported by ADEME (the French Agency for Environment and Energy Management).

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